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Never To Be Released Prisoners or Life Without Parole or Lifers

Each year in Australia crimes are committed that are so evil their perpetrators are sentenced to the maximum punishment that the law allows. And seeing as there is no death penalty in any state of Australia, these worst-of-the-worst are sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole. It is termed 'never to be released'. to date, no criminal who has ever been handed down this sentence has been set free, and they will die in jail as the law demands. But the fear of going to prison forever does little to deter some people from committing crimes of the most heinous nature.

Australia’s Most Heinous Criminals Condemned To A Life Sentence Marked Never To Be Released

Sentence of punishment of penal servitude for the term of an offender’s natural life as the maximum sentence for the crime of murder under the s.19A Crimes Act, 1900

Australia’s worst killers:  25 of our most evil murderers destined to spend life behind bars – Daily Telegraph – 2016 reports:

             "THERE are currently 58 prisoners in NSW jails classified as never to be released due to the horrific nature of their crimes."

Never to be released: Young men sentenced to life imprisonment since 1990 - SMH - Louise Hall  -  Nov 6, 2015

Murderers In Australia - between 2002 and 2013

Most Monstrous Convicted Murderers, Terrorists, Serial Rapists, Paedophiles and Child Killers

Below is an extract from AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF CRIMINOLOGY - t r e n d s & i s s u e s  in crime and criminal justice - No.19 Life Imprisonment in Australia:

Never to Be Released

From time to time the courts have expressed the view that specific offenders should never be released from gaol. For example, this occurred in the case of Crump and Baker (unreported decision of the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, 7 February 1975), and concerned the horrific and well publicised murder of Virginia Morse at a property in north-western New South Wales. In that case the Court of Criminal Appeal endorsed the following remarks of the trial judge: ‘If ever there was a case where life imprisonment should mean what it says - imprisonment for the whole of your lives - this is it.’

Similar exhortatory statements can be found occasionally, as in the brutal sex murder in February 1986 of Anita Cobby in NSW and in the David and Catherine Birnie case (torture, rape and murder of four Perth women in late 1986). Until recently even the endorsement on a life sentence prisoner's file ‘never to be released’ did not have any binding legal effect upon those charged with the responsibility for determining when the prisoner should be released.

However, under the provisions of the Criminal Law Amendment Act No.70 of 1988 in Western Australia the law was amended so that a court which imposes a sentence of strict security life imprisonment can, where it considers appropriate, order that the person is not to be eligible for parole.

This is intended to mean that the prisoner must serve the rest of his or her life in gaol.

Never To Be Released Prisoners Quality of Life

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Lifers deemed never to be released, many that are dying a thousand deaths; experiencing a manic depressive QOL

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